Jackie Waldman is the author/collector of five books about The Courage to Give. She has also contributed to the following: Parent School, by Jerry and Lorin Biederman, My Story: A Photographic Essay on Life with Multiple Sclerosi,s by Amelia Davis, The World is a Narrow Bridge, by Craig Taubman.

The following books are endorsed by Jackie for further reading: The Woman’s Book of Resilience, by Beth Miller, Ph.D, and Gifts from the Broken Jar: Rediscovering Hope, Beauty, and Joy, by P.J. Long.

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The Courage to Give

More than a feel-good book, The Courage to Give is a call to action. These poignant and uplifting stories tell of people who have suffered great emotional or physical difficulties and then went beyond their pain to help others. In reaching out, they discovered that their healing actually depended on contributing to a better world. From Millard Fuller, the founder of Habitat for Humanity, to Patch Adams, these courageous individuals have risen phoenix-like, consciously deciding to devote their lives to others. The book also identifies organizations dedicated to the issues it raises so readers can learn more and lend support.

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Teens With The Courage to Give

Teens With The Courage to Give highlights 30 amazing young people who have overcome great personal odds to reach out and help others. These inspiring teenagers have dedicated themselves to important volunteer world and will lead their generation toward a more hopeful tomorrow. First-person accounts include an amputee running in the Paralympics; the son of a cancer patient creating support groups for kids with sick parents; a girl who helped her mother and younger sister as they died of AIDS and who is now an AIDS awareness and prevention volunteer; and one of the students from the Littleton, Colorado, shooting who has created a teen drop-in center. With their stories, these remarkable teens take us to the depths of their struggles and the heights of their newfound sense of purpose and peace.

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America, September 11th - The Courage to Give

Every tragedy has its heroes, and there were many in the attacks on New York and Washington, D.C. America: September 11: The Courage to Give: The Triumph of the Human Spirit is a collection the stories of some of the firefighters, rescue workers, police, medics, relatives of missing loved ones, and strangers who, in the face of horror, sprung into action to save lives and help their communities. All proceeds from the sale of this book go to the American Red Cross and the New York Firefighters 9-11 Disaster Relief Fund.

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Teachers with The Courage to Give

This compilation of stories are about 42 incredible teachers who articulate their passion for a crucial but underappreciated profession. These stories convey how and why these teachers went beyond the call of duty to make a different in the lives of their students. Teaching at schools from a geographic cross section of urban, suburban, and rural school districts with an array of students, these teachers recall the mundane and spectacular events of their school days: helping children cope with family instability and death, using everything from animal care to fashion shows to reach unreachable children, visiting a dying student in the hospital, and continuing to teach while undergoing radiation and chemotherapy. This is an inspiring book that offers the teachers' perspective on why and how they continue to do the hard work of nurturing and educating children. Parents and teachers alike will enjoy these powerful essays.

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People with MS with The Courage to Give

With the first chapter in this book detailing Jackie’s own journey and struggle with multiple sclerosis, it continues on with 24 stories of men and women also living with the disease, who like Jackie, refused to be defined by their illness. Every person and their story is unique but all portray how they went far beyond just living and dealing with MS everyday. From an M.D. who founded a revolutionary course called The Disability Experience so health care workers could know what it’s like to live with a disability to a former TV star who hid his disease for 15 years and is now an ambassador for the National MS Society, their stories showcase how they found the courage to do more and make the lives around them better.

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