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Dear Jackie,

There are many reasons why I feel that volunteering is a great thing to do.Helping others and sharing my talents to uplift someone makes me feel very fulfilled. I am a stay-at-home; mother of three and my husband is employed by the US Navy. Early in our marriage, we both decided that my career would be to stay at home with the children, meaning my professional career would have to wait. From this decision, many great rewards have bloomed in my life. I believe that by volunteering you learn to understand many different aspects of life.  Just like you nurture your children, when you volunteer, you are nurturing a soul. A young or old person can feel your presence, your help, and your spirit when you help them in different ways. It could be by talking to them, playing with them or even just listening to them. The first letter of each word spells FUN. I love to have fun and share my time with others. Isn't that what life should be all about? When you are having fun, you can go through the hard times in life by doing it in a positive way....with the help of others.

I have a family member that has MS. Her name is Madison Frayer. Her case is rare, because she was diagnosed with MS at the age of 8. Losing her ability to walk, speak, swallow properly, and many other skills, she is still a strong girl who loves life and smiles everyday!

I encourage everyone to make a donation to fight multiple sclerosis. You may feel that your contribution is small, but when you look at the whole picture, you can make a difference. Madison and many others with MS would greatly appreciate your support. After I participated in a local fundraising event called the Bayer MS Walk, I decided to do more and help make a difference to end this devastating disease.  In May 2004, I started a small business making hooded towels out of my home so I could donate to MS on a monthly basis.  In this journey to find a cure, you learn that when you give to others, you will receive happiness within yourself. 

If I can just give one person a once in a lifetime memory and the positive strength to strive upward, then I have fulfilled my reason to Why I Volunteer.  I know that all the time spent with the people and staff is going to be a rewarding event. I hope that I can be an inspiration and learn more about MS. I hope to help in everyway possible to find a cure.

Jin Williams

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