Recent Encounters : Maury

Hi Jackie,

I would like to tell you about a special cousin of mine named Maury. Last April I heard you speak about “The Courage to Give.” You talked about your health problems and how you were feeling sorry for yourself. However, with the help of God, you discovered that by putting energy into helping others that you could help yourself find a new energy. By having the “Courage to Give” you no longer had time to dwell on your own personal ailments.

A few days after I heard you speak my cousin Maury called me. At the time, Maury did not have a place to live and was abusing alcohol. Maury asked me if I could help him straighten up his life and I agreed. Your talk about having “The Courage to Give” convinced me that I had to help Maury.

I took Maury to the Denver Rescue Mission where he was accepted into their New Life Program where he could start a new life. As Maury improved his own life he became a huge part my family and friend’s lives. I talked with Maury almost daily and we got to see each other about once-a-week. Maury would go with us to swim meets, parades, movies, and out to dinner. Maury also started to go to church with us and he even joined us for a special mass at Red Rocks conducted by the Denver Archdiocese. He became very interested in the Bible and began to attend Bible study and mass service on a regular basis.

Maury had turned his life around and was doing very well in the Denver Rescue Mission. I was very proud of him and he was also very proud of himself for all that he had accomplished. He called me his “My Guardian Angel” and thanked me time after time for his new life. Maury made me laugh and he taught me how to lighten up in life. I really learned to love this old guy!

One day Maury left the Denver Rescue Mission unexpectedly and without notice. I never saw him again after he left. I was devastated and I sent him a card telling him how much I missed him and loved him, but I never heard back. I’ll never know why he left for sure.

Despite all the pain and heartache Maury caused for me, meeting and helping him was one of the best experiences my life. It really was one of the most rewarding and fulfilling experiences. I owe this experience to your “Courage to Give” message. I will forever have with me the best memories of Maury that will continue to enrich my life forever. After seeing the difficult life he continuously struggled with, I realized how very blessed I am in my life. Every day I try to thank God for my life, as I hope you do for yours.

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