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Dear Jackie,

In July 2001, I started hooking rugs, which is a craft that involves pulling strips of wool cloth, usually recycled clothing, washed, dried, and torn apart through a burlap backing loop by loop.

Within a couple months I had such nerve pain in my finger and thumb, I was unable to continue. I have multiple sclerosis. This disease had given me some challenges in the past but I learned to accept the limitations and look for ways to make things work.

One evening as I was paging through a magazine, I ran into an advertisement for the “Oxford Punch.” The handle looked as though there would be many ways to hold it and I thought it was worth a try. I have been successfully punch hooking ever since.

I told my husband “I know with every fiber of my being that I am my authentic self and following the right path with my rug hooking/punching. I have such a passion for this. I don’t know where it is going to take me, if anywhere at all. But I know I am doing exactly what I should be doing.” He said he didn’t understand what I was talking about. (Imagine that?) I asked him if he had ever been fishing and just had a “feeling” about where to anchor the boat, or when he was in his deer stand sleeping if a feeling ever came over him and he would wake to find a deer standing there. He then understood.

I really wanted to be able to hook as well as punch. One day while rug hooking with a group, some women offered me their various hooks to try. Unfortunately, within a short time the nerve pain came back.

That very night I went to bed and dreamt of my perfect hook. The next day I hand sculpted one and my husband carved it for me. Due to the unique grip, I found that this hook worked for me. Its shape gives me many options for how to hold it and what part of my hand to put the pressure on while inserting the hook into the backing or pulling the strip up.

People started telling my husband and I that we should sell these hooks, that they may be helpful for people with arthritis, carpel tunnel, tendonitis, etc. My husband thought it was a worthwhile idea and decided to pursue it.

A few weeks later, my stepson Nick got a job at a woodworking store. He stopped by one day and we explained our hook idea to him. He thought it sounded promising and helped us find a quality craftsman. Within days Nick introduced us to Gerry. We got a copyright on the design and found a patent attorney.

We are now proud to introduce the Meno Trigger Grip © 2003. My hope is that the comfort of this handle will enable a person to hook longer, allowing an opportunity to create beautiful heirlooms that will be enjoyed for generations.

The way this whole thing fell into place just amazes me. The saying, “Everything happens for a reason,” has new meaning to me. Everyone has a story and challenges in their lives. As for me, I will continue to follow His path.

Peggy Mineau

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