Recent Encounters : Rene Brecto

Dear Jackie,

I was sitting in the audience when you spoke at the Davenport Hotel in Spokane on December 11 th. I wanted to let you know that one story you shared struck particularly deep.

When you talked about the lady who had given up playing piano, you hit the center of my heart. I have played since I was nine years old, and was blessed to have excellent instruction in both classical and modern techniques. I have had many wonderful experiences playing in different groups and venues over my life, and have been quite good.

The last few months have been particularly frustrating, because I hear so much music in my head, but my right hand simply doesn't cooperate! I have been at the point of telling our pastor (and wonderful friend) that he's going to have to find somebody else to play on Sundays because it's more frustrating than fulfilling at this point.

But when you said, "Do you suppose they cared how many mistakes she made?" I knew God was speaking to my heart through your words. Then on Sunday, I got a gift from my Secret Pal, and her note in the card said, "You play the piano beautifully."

All I could think was, "OK, God, I hear you."

Thanks for sharing and taking time to come "up north" in the cold and rain and encourage us.

Rene´ Brecto

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